Server Migration


I have just completed a server migration for a customer of mine. Well, I have scheduled for migration on Sunday 22 July 2007 3AM – 5AM. The entire plan went pretty smoothly as this is a hardware upgrade so there will be no DNS propagation (Swap IPs between servers).

The draft plan
1) Stop Apache server but keep other services(Mail, FTP, MySQL) running
2) My custom script will start packing the accounts
3) Copy all the backup files to the new server
4) Inform datacenter guys to swap the IPs
5) Re-configure the new server settings (my custom scripts that does the dirty work for me)
6) So…unpacking of accounts starts
7) All the website are getting back online as the unpacking for each domain complete.

Conclusion : No DNS propagation required which might take up to 24 hours to be completed. Everything gets migrated to the new powerful server within 2 hours.