Dell LCD Custom Text

Recently I had setup a HA-pair in my environment and if I do not have my computer with me, I need the NOC guys to be able to identify which is the ‘active’ unit and I found out that writing custom text to Dell LCD panel is pretty easy after some digging.

If you have not installed OMSA, please go to this link and follow the instructions.

Next, install the IMPI tool for you to be able to read/write to the LCD panel

yum install -y OpenIPMI-tools

You just need to know 2 commands to read/write to the LCD.

To see your current content on the LCD panel

ipmitool delloem lcd info

To write your custom text to the LCD panel

ipmitool delloem lcd set mode userdefined MyCustomText

There you go, it’s so simple.

Hope someone find this useful =)