Windows 2012 Boot into Black Screen (Before Login)

You might encounter black screen when booting up Windows 2012 R2 after running Windows Update.

This might happens if the Windows Update process did not complete successfully.

In your environment (VM or Physical), make sure you are able to access the Safe Mode by hitting F8 during the boot process. Go into “Safe Mode” and Windows will start reverting the updates.

If the above process does not seems to fix your problem, try this and repeat the above steps.

1. Boot into the recovery mode and use CMD
2. Use DiskPart to find out the location your system and Windows folder stored in.
3. Execute this: rename E:\Windows\WinSXS\Pending.xml Pending.old (assume that E drive is your Windows installation)
4. run ‘SFC /Scannow /OffBootDir=C:\ /OffWinDir=E:\Windows’ again where C:\ is your System folder and E:\ is your Windows folder location