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Mounting LVM Parition inside an image file

As I am working on a project which required me to extract a script from an image file which was backup using dd tool.

It is possible to mount the image file on a linux server.

1) you need to scan the image file and see partition

[root@c10 sax]# kpartx -v IPC-2Sep2015.img
loop0p1 : 0 409600 /dev/loop0 2048
loop0p2 : 0 1024000 /dev/loop0 411648
loop0p3 : 0 123621376 /dev/loop0 1435648

2) add the partitionto the system

[root@c10 sax]# kpartx -a -v IPC-2Sep2015.img
add map loop0p1 (253:3): 0 409600 linear /dev/loop0 2048
add map loop0p2 (253:4): 0 1024000 linear /dev/loop0 411648
add map loop0p3 (253:5): 0 123621376 linear /dev/loop0 1435648

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Tabbed Putty

Tabbed program are popular nowadays as it can save you alot of space if you are running alot of smiliar program and don’t want to waste valuable space in your taskbar.

Recently, I have found a program that has helped me alot as I am always running more than 5 SSH sessions. Check this out.

Hope this helps someone out there as well 😉

Here i come Debian

Well, today marked the day that I finally have the time to learn Debian, there is alot of things for me to learn now as the platform are current quite different from CentOS 🙂

To find debian version.
cat /etc/debian_version

To install packages
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