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Want to learn how to hack SQL Server?

Watch this video that has does simple hacking on SQL Server.

Well, it does simple hacking but don’t go around and hack other’s system. That’s not the purpose of hacking. Hacking is to learn your system flaw and build more security.

Have fun!

MS SQL 2005 Express

I am pretty happy with myself because I have never touch MS SQL database before and because of a ‘force’ migration from MSDE to MS SQL 2005 is required due to some reason, I have been testing and learning for 3 days on this software. I have just completed one live MSDE migration 😀

First, I like to thank Daddy Google in teaching me the right way to learn. Second and last by not least, my precious laptop which is working very hard for me since Day One.

The moment I fire up MS SQL process, the entire laptop start to crawl because of tons of process running in the background.

Well, a few more of MSDE instance will have to be migrated to MS SQL 2005 Express in the next few days. *Pray hard*

MS SQL Users : I know I am late in migrating but forgive me because I am too involved in my project and linux 🙂