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Bad Move!

Today when I am deploying openvz machine, I activate the Linux Quota as I have some shell users throwing files on the machine. As such, this cause some issues when I reboot the machine (I always do this to simulate a remote reboot to see how well does the system react to keyboard errors and etc…)

After a successful reboot, I look at the Container status and I’m shocked to see all of the container are stopped. I try to start it up but I got the following error.

[svr2:/root]# vzctl start 210
Starting container …
vzquota : (error) Quota on syscall for id 210: File exists
vzquota on failed [3]

Immediately, I turn off the quota and remount the partition without any usrquota,grpquota. Bad move to activate Linux Quota on the host node as openvz has it’s own quota system running to keep track of disk space used by each of the container.

I guess I just need to create a VPS just to store my shell users 😉

Hope this helps…