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Holiday is here!

As you have notice that I have stop posting for a time being due to my exam pressure, now holiday is here and I will be back posting all kinds of information I encounter daily. I have a few application to build during my holiday but due to my eyes infection this week, I have to put all my project on hold and rest well till my eyes is completely fine.

Singapore Free Image Hosting

Well, it has been a few day since I update my blog already. This free image hosting site is setup on 24 November 2006. I just want to share this with everyone out there.

I do hope you enjoy and do comment if you have feedback or improvement to be make.

Link :


Best Customer Service!

Well, just finish coding non-stop for 6 hours already. So decided to take a rest and watch this video before heading to bed. 🙂

Noisy night!

I was doing my work when one of the alert system in my neighborhood went off. As I am planning to go down to get some drinks to perk myself up so I decided to go around and see what sort of alert went off.

The moment I reach the 1st floor, I can hear the alert coming from the next block which is just directly beside my block. So I walk to Block 440 and to my surprise, no one is there as I can’t believe they can sleep with the alert directly in your block.

So I went ahead to dial the lift’s emergency number and the person picking up the phone was like sleeping. So I said hello twice before she can hear me. I told her the block number and she did not ask anything. She just said, “I will send someone down now”.

15 minutes later, the alert was cut off so I suppose someone is there to rescue the person trap in the lift.

Damn, disturb me when I was doing my project 😀

Treasure what you have!

I just want to keep this first post in July short & sweet. There is alot of things going on around my friends, I really wish to see all of them to be happy but sometimes it is really hard to accomplish.

Just a word of advice from me to be happy always!

“Treasure what you want now and regret in future. Your future is in your hands.”

Happy days ahead!

Server Power Supply Cut!

Today is really a bad day. One of the server I manage was offline since last night, I can’t get it fix because it was housed in a company place.

I called to the office to get someone to boot up the server. It seems to fail to boot up no matter how I instruct the person to do it. The first thing come to my mind is that the power supply box is damaged. So I went down to further access the situation and I was right about it.

So the next steps is to get the PC to Sim Lim Square to get a new power supply box and test it out there. I went to a shop called “24 – Hours” and they tell me they don’t sell Power Supply Unit (PSU). I told myself, “what kind of shop, 24 hours with no PSU? Maybe you report police and they will tell you they don’t have paper only office hours”.

So I went to eat first while some other shops will open in 30 min time. I went to “Bliss” and get a iCute PSU and tested it working fine.

Rush back to office to get the PC back on network. Everything was working fine and I was checking the condition of the PC and found out that the RAID is broken, so I went to rebuild it.

Now everything is back to normal operations, well…today is a bad day indeed.

School starts .. . .. ..

Well, today is the start of my school term. I was dragging my foot to school because there is so many people taking public transport.

I just hope that the day will pass real quick, not sure whether I should be happy or not since I have not completed all my project yet. I really enjoy the holiday I have in the past 1.5 months, can focus on the stuff I love to do and make sure that everything is manage properly.

Nothing much to said for now….Bye 🙂

I hate my mouse!

Guess what is missing on this two mouse?


You should be able to guess the answer, if not, time to go and check your eyes. I have using this Logitech mouse for almost 1 year already and it finally wanted a long term leave from me. So it broke down and I was forced to buy a new one because I am just not used to touchpad to do all my work.

This is the most comfortable mouse I ever used in my life and don’t think I will change model anytime soon in the next few years.

NYP Release TimeTable

This is the day I do not wish it will come but it will come sooner or later. NYP has release the timetable for us!

Not sure whether to be happy or not to start school as I still have quite alot of undone project on hand. I will try to complete everything by this week so I can go to school without any worries.

But honestly, I am looking forward to my lesson for this year as all modules are related to computers now! I hope I am right, just got to attend the first week lesson and see how.

My First Post

Finally, my first post is here. I have setup this domain name on 23 March 2007 but today is 06 April 2007. I was pretty busy over the past week because there is alot of things that I need to do.

The first task on my list was to change my main website template (, I’m happy to receive positive feedback from friends, cyber-friends and others on my new changes. I have also remove useless stuff from my website. I re-write my entire website with tools that I coded it out myself.

My latest development is IP Information w/ Google Maps

My goals is to keep this blogging habit going forever. Cheers …