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Excellent Service from Citibank

So far, this is the best banking experience I have throughout all bank in Singapore.

I have lost my Citibank Clear Card on Wednesday afternoon at around 2pm so I give a call to the bank immediately. They told me that they hae blocked my card and re-issue me a new card. At that point of time, I did not ask much and just thank the officer for blocking my card.

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Good News to Gmail Users

Here is a good news for Gmail users. Gmail is releasing IMAP support for all gmail users in batches.

You might want to ask what is IMAP all about? IMAP allows you to remotely manage all your emails from a email client (eg. ThunderBird) and all your emails are securely stored on the Gmail server. If your computer crash, don’t worry that your emails will be lost. All your data are still safe on Gmail servers.

If you have a iPhone, you can sync your emails from your iPhone to the Gmail servers. Check for a list of application supported here

To check whether your Gmail account is supported at the moment,login to your Gmail account and under your Settings, click on your ‘Forwarding and POP IMAP’ tab to see if you are the lucky ones who gets IMAP first.

Let me know if you got IMAP support as mine is not supported yet at the moment. You can try to logout and login again to see whether it will enable for you

SMS Gateway

Just brought a GSM modem from a current customer of mine. As I am buying this modem so that I can test on new things and wanted to setup low cost services for SMS stuff. Well, at this moment, I really can’t think of anything useful so you might want to drop a few comments and see which is a good idea.

Cheers for Advertlets!

“ – Blog Advertising in Asia!”.

Well, I have been introduced to this program by a close friend of mine. I have seen quite a few advertisement and  some are very interesting and cool!

I have also notice that quite alot of blogger has sign up for this and I feel it is really a good program to enroll into. I hope to see more interesting things in their coming months.

Nokia recalls batteries; at risk to explode

Nokia on Tuesday issued a product advisory for its BL-5C battery. The battery, which may affect as many as 46 million devices, could explode.

I am currently using K750i so no worries for me at the moment 🙂

Disaster-proof server from HP. Wow!

At a high-tech ballistics center managed by National Technical Systems in Camden, Arkansas, HP simulated a gas leak using real explosives that resulted in a very real explosion and datacenter destruction.

What was blown up? Products from the entire spectrum of HP products, including HP servers, HP StorageWorks products, HP Software and HP Procurve networking products running in five operating environments—HP-UX, HP OpenVMS, HP NonStop, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft® Windows Server 2003.

Explosive results

Every system failed-over flawlessly after the explosion—with all HP solutions resuming full IT services in 13 seconds to less than two minutes.

With proof like this, you know you can count on HP products and solutions to be disaster-proof if and when you experience a site outage of any kind.

Watch the video here

Safari on Windows

It is out on Public Beta now. I am downloading it right now to test drive it. Share your comments as well 😀

Get it here

Seems like the old browser battle is back again.

WordPress Upgrade

The day for upgrade has come again, I just download the files through SSH and unzip it. The following steps is what I usually do to upgrade WordPress.

mkdir tmp
cd tmp
cp -rf wordpress/* ../ --reply=yes
cd ..
#clean up time
rm -rfv tmp/

Now, head over to your wordpress to upgrade. For me, I will go to

lazy pig

seems like I am very lazy again. I will kick this habit within a few weeks time 🙂